MODIS Fire Detection for the past 24 hours

Data source:

Historical Fire Counts for Indian States - MODIS (Terra & Aqua)

About the data: Global monthly MODIS fire location product (MCDML14) from collection 6 has been obtained from University of Maryland’s ftp server ( The fire locations for each year for individual states are processed by SatAQ team.

Additional Notes: 
1. These data sets contain fire locations detected by MODIS-Terra and MODIS-Aqua.
2.  MODIS-Terra start date is March 2000 where MODIS-Aqua start date is July 2002. Therefore,

          2.1 Fire counts for year 2000 only represents data                 for March to December 2000 from only one MODIS             sensor (Terra).
          2.2 Fire count for year 2001 only represents data                   from only one MODIS sensor (Terra).
          2.3 Fire count for year 2002 represents all months                 from MODIS-Terra and July to December from                         MODIS-Aqua.
         2.4 Fire count for year 2003 to 2015 represents all                months from both MODIS sensors.
         2.5 Fire count for year 2016 represents Jan-Apr from          both MODIS sensors.